Young Thug is one of today's hottest rappers.  He is on the radio every 20 minutes and has been in and out of the news every week or so it seems.  He is rumored to be an out of the closet rapper to being one of the most original trolls in the social media world.  He wore a dress and people lost their minds.  Not sure why,  I mean the old way of thinking that there are no gay people in Hip Hop or gay rappers I think we would all agree is nonsense.  I personally did not see the scene where he wears a dress in the video or maybe I missed it but to me the video is more of a "Lost Boys" movie look.  If you remember that movie about the young vampires starring Kiefer Sutherland.  They wore what I would call gypsy like attire as seen in this picture below.  Check out the Adidas TV commercial below as well.