Gary Barbera & PA State Rep Jared Solomon Join Forces To Keep The Blvd Safe

posted by Chio - 

Gary Barbera and PA State Rep Jared Solmon sat with Lorraine Ballard Morrill to speak about their new initiative to keep the Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia safe. 

Barbera & Solmon outlined the details on Barbera's website:

"A “Don’t Text and Drive” public service awareness campaign has launched on in a continued effort to begin the transformation of Roosevelt Boulevard. For residents, visitors, employees, and commuters, including those who walk, wheel, transit, bicycle, and drive Roosevelt Boulevard (RT. 1 / Philadelphia PA) a series of improvements to create a more inviting corridor that is safe, accessible, and reliable is long overdue according to State Representative Jared Solomon (D-PA).

To raise awareness Solomon joined forces with charitable minded Philly car guy, Gary Barbera. Both Barbera and Solomon support Vison Zero, which is a strategy that Philadelphia has taken on to end texting and driving. This is a plan meant to eliminate all traffic-related deaths and severe injuries, while increasing safety, health and mobility for the people of Philadelphia."

Check out Barbera and Solomon with Lorraine below!


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