Dunkin' Donuts Announces It Is Changing Its Name

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Dunkin' Donuts is dropping the D…donuts, that is. Starting in January, Dunkin Donuts will be known simply as Dunkin. The company says it’s rebrand itself as a "beverage-led" company that focuses on coffees, teas, speedy service and to-go food including, doughnuts.

So no – they’re not going away. But when you consider that beverages – such as coffee – make up 60% of the company's US sales, it might make sense to sort out where else you can get your baked goodies fix.

But that’s not all – Dunkin' is planning to expand as well – with plans to open one-thousand new locations by the end of year 2020. "It’s official: We’re going by Dunkin’ now," the company's Twitter page offers. "After 68 years of America running on Dunkin’, we're moving to a first-name basis." The reaction online so far? Fan appear to prefer that the company dunks the idea...in the circular file. As Twitter user @karatechop16 notes, "I donut like it."

Source: CNN Money

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It’s official: We’re going by Dunkin’ now. 🤗 After 68 years of America running on Dunkin’, we’re moving to a first-name basis. 🧡 Excited to be #BFFstatus with you all 👯‍♀️☕️🍩 #firstnamebasis #besties

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